Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Relationship Counselling London

Relationship counselling London

We had allowed our careers to interfere with our personal lives, but thanks to you we have reassessed our priorities and are back to a healthy and loving relationship. Susan T, Camden

Overcome your relationship problems with REBT

Maintaining a healthy long-term relationship is often stressful and demanding. When there is a lack of compromise, conflicts may arise. Small problems often grow into larger issues and may lead to a deadlocked situation.

Because we understand how damaging a fractured relationship can be, we will treat you in a sympathetic and caring environment, using a non-judgemental manner to help you work towards a healthy and positive outcome.

Therapy commences with a pre-treatment comprehensive assessment during which we will learn of all the factors and influences that may have encouraged the relationship breakdown. Following on from this assessment a regular course of counselling sessions with either both or one partner present will lead the way for a positive reconcilliation.
Relationship counselling and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy is an effective treatment for resolving relationship conflicts. We are able to analyse the connections between thoughts, emotions and behaviours in order to remove the obstacles that prevent the development of a healthy relationship.
Counselling, Psychotherapy, CBT and Hypnotherapy in Central and West London

Find Peace of Mind with our Caring and Experienced Therapists Helping you to Become Free of your Symptoms Allowing you to Live Life to the Full Again

Whatever your problem, the Apex Practice provides sympathetic and caring counselling services in total confidence. We've helped hundreds of people to overcome a vast range of symptoms

Relationship counselling london

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