Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How can I get more votes on Reddit?

Some tips how to get upvotes on reddit :

1. Have a good title.
Make sure that the title is accurate. Make sure that there are no typographical errors (or should be royally spoiled in the comments of your post). Phrases like “OMG this look”. They tend to take the trouble to redditors that existence downvote.

2. Have a good image in miniature.
As with the videos of YouTube, blogs and more - the miniature has much to do with making people click through your content. It is same with Reddit. People love pictures! If the image is a photo of an empty field, it is unlikely that contribute to get more upvotes or clicks, but that article is about Kim Kardashian is hit with an egg - and you Kim Kardashian ducking for cover - makes now the thumbnail we are in something here. It is a miniature which continues the message of the title, but doesn't give everything. Meaning of the people will have to click on your post to see the whole picture.

3 try to be relevant.
Before publication, spend a good amount of time on Reddit. Watch and see what people are talking about, what is to be upvoted. That is what a news now in the Reddit community. You will see that being away from Reddit a month and pick it up again - it may seem like a completely foreign territory. All will have this 'in' jokes, memes, and references to previous publications that you won't understand. You can also use it to their advantage - if people are obsessed with the blind turtle at the time and then write an article on the blind turtle and send it to Reddit.

4 would you like to increase the ranking of your redddit since. Aren't you receive more traffic from reddit messages? Because you are not of sufficiently upvotes for its subsequent reddit? This means that you get less exposure, because you don't have a good number of upvotes on your reddit messages. You must buy reddit upvotes to improve your visibility and increase your internal ranking on the Reddit Web sites and increase their confidence and their link karma on reddit.


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