Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nintendo Wii Movies - Unlock Wii Movie Player


Are you wondering about NINTENDO WII MOVIES ? Read and learn how to unlock wii movie player in as little as 10 minutes with a simple software download to your wii console! If you own yourself the most powerful Entertainment system formally known as the Wii you probably dont know the ha1lf it could do. For being such a small machine it packs a punch.

But compared to its challenger the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have a clear advantage over the Wii. Missing some really important feature that truthfully I dont know why the Wii console walked out of the assembly line without it.

What is it?

DVD playback, thats right as you may already know the Wii out of the box does not support Wii DVD playback. Not to worry though, there is now a way to finally unlock that Wii DVD hidden feature along with a feature that allows you to backup all of your Nintendo Wii games you currently own to store bought DVDs.

What does that mean?

That means you can backup all your Wii games to DVDs and your Wii will fully recognize the games and play them like normal. Forget about having to buy another game simply because theres a scratch and the game freezes. Now just pull out your original game and make yourself another copy and keep the OG in a safe place.

So you want to know how to turn your Wii into a DVD multi media player well check out this link NINTENDO WII MOVIES for a ton of helpful information!

Its very easy but you either have to know exactly what youre doing or you have to follow a proven highly detailed guide. Anyone can do it with the right guide. Be careful what guides you use to.
Ive made the mistake of using the free guides on the internet that are completely outdated and I was completely lost when it came to installing the Wii DVD unlocking files.

NINTENDO WII MOVIES Is the guide I used and hands down, its the most detailed guide on the internet today! They have follow along videos, all the files you possibly need to unlock your Wii and install the Wii DVD feature the Wii should have came with. Unlock your Wii Now!

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