Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Advice on Relationships - 3 Tips For Relationships

Do you really need advice on relationships? The best advice can come from your own heart if you will just listen to it and take action on it. Ok, you know what you are feeling so maybe something out of this article will help you.

In this article I'm going to list three tips that will help you but it is up to you to put them to use. There is no one answer that anyone can give you or write for you that you have not heard all ready.

Use your common sense and apply what you read here today. The three tips I'm going to give you today are 1) build a successful relationship, 2) compromise and 3) open your heart. Now let us take them one at a time.

1) Build a Successful Relationship; all healthy relationships are built on Trust. This is the main one to live by. If in the past you were not totally a trustworthy person then now is the time to tighten up.

The person you have picked out to be your companion needs to be able to trust you and you have to be able to trust them.

Start this new relationship off on the right foot and that is with Trust and you will have a happy relationship. If something comes up that you think they are not being truthful about don't jump the gun and start accusing them of things. Be calm and have an adult conversation with them. Always keep a good line of communication open and just tell the Truth.

2) Compromise, this one is just as important as number one. By compromising you will be building a strong relationship where your partner feels important. There may be times one of you will miss a TV program or something but don't sweat it. By giving in on these smaller unimportant things your partner will be more than glad to give up something at another time.

3) Open Your Heart, to be able to open up your heart to your partner shows compassion and that you're not scared of your feelings.

If something that is bothering you comes up tell them what it is and have a solution to the problem. That way they want feel like it is their problem and have to come up with the answer.

Say you are going to be late because of work, call them up to let them know, that will mean a lot to them. Remember birthdays and anniversaries when you remember things like that your partner knows you care. When relationships are built on things like this you will seldom have problems.

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