Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Movies Capital ? Movies for Download


Movies Capital – Movies for Download

If you are a movie buff, you will absolutely love  Movies Capital is a website that allows you to download or stream movies legally so you don’t have to worry that you are receiving a copy of a movie that violates copyright laws.  Movies Capital has the licenses to distribute its movie titles online so you can have movie downloads with peace of mind.

So many of the free internet sites where you can download movies are often bootlegged movies.  And so many times these free sites are criticized because the quality of the videos are very poor.  But with Movies Capital you can be assured of getting high quality HD and HQ movies without any hassles and you don’t have to worry about getting viruses and other nasty things embedded on the files that you download.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first because I read so much about illegal downloading of movies and bootleg copies of movies.  So I did a lot of research before trying them out and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of movies they had as well as the quality.

One thing that really sold me on them was that they have a “No Questions Asked” Refund  Policy that allows you to have your money back within 60 days if you are not 100% satisfied with their service.  So with such a refund policy to protect you, you have nothing to lose but to give them a try.

So what types of movies can you get? You name it.  You have unlimited access to all sections like cartoons, horror movies, family movies, comedy movies, action movies, suspense movies, adventure movies, classic movies, and so much more.  You can also download HD movies from their “Members Area”.  The HD movies are usually marked “HD”.

The move range spans from early classic movies to movies that have just been released to DVD.

They have three different membership types with just a one-time payment (one month, three month or two years).  Again, it’s just a one time payment that you make and then you are allowed to download as many movies as you want with no restrictions, limits or additional fees.  There are absolutely no recurring charges or monthly billing charges. 

Once you download the movies, there is no time limit that you may keep these movies.  You may keep them as long as you like.  You can even burn them to a CD/DVD and create your own movie collection.  They even provide you with tools to convert the movie files to work on your media devices.

If you are new to downloading movies, you’ll find that this is very simple to do.  It doesn’t take much time at all.  And all you do is choose the movie you want to download, click on the “download now” button to download it to your computer.  Of if you just want to watch it from the Movies Capital website, just click on “play movie” and you can watch it immediately online.

So what are you waiting for?  Once you sign up and choose the type of membership you want, you will be granted instant access to all of the movies available through Movies Capital.  Once you complete the payment process, you will be provided with a user name and password so you can access the “members only” area anytime you want.

For those of you with a Mac, no problem.  You can just as easily download the movies to your Mac, as well as to your tablet and mobile devices.  They even supply the software tools needed to convert the files to your device if needed.  And if you ever need any technical support, they have an active support team working 24/7.

Live outside of the US?  Still no problem.  Movies Capital service is not limited by geography.  You can download movies from them from any country worldwide.


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