Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dealing with Relationship Problems

They say we are happier, are in better health and may even live longer if we have deeper relationships with family and friends. Dealing with relationship problems can ensure that couples, parents, friends and families have fulfilled relationships.

Mike Rudink, series producer of ‘The Happiness Formula' has researched some of the factors that scientists are recommending in order to reach a fuller, happier life. These happiness factors include all these relationships such as marriage and other long term intimate relationships. Another happiness factor is that of a person believing that he has meaning. This ultimately related back to a belief in something bigger like religion, spirituality or a philosophy of life. Also included in the having meaning happiness factor is that of having enjoyable long term goals.

Many people however will struggle with maintaining good and healthy relationships due to their relationship problems.

The necessity to decrease the amount of issues that are present in a relationship will help towards maintaining and making long term healthy relationships.

There are many factors that lead to issues within a relationship. Money and partner insensitivity were cited as the main causes of arguments in our relationships. According to a You Gov. survey from 2007, 34% of married and cohabiting couples said that arguments about money, spending or investing where the biggest issue for couples; whilst 25% cited partner's insensitivity.

Money worries relating to debt and unemployment for instance can spark off serious rows with our partners. We may find ourselves moody, extra-sensitive and difficult to be around.

One partner may feel that the other is spending too much money at a time when neither can afford it, or that they should be saving in case either of them loses their job.

Whilst the other partner may feel that they are being put under intense scrutiny for buying a more expensive brand. 

Although arguments are a common occurrence, some may say they are good for airing concerns and helping us to reach a compromise. Arguing instead of letting problems simmer and build into bigger issues may be more beneficial; although, on the other hand, bickering constantly with your partner may also be equally harmful to the relationship in the long run. Couples need to realise that there is a happy medium between airing concerns and bickering. Couples who work on their relationships will be able to realise when it is best to speak about issues that would have an impact on their relationship.

Arguments about money can quickly escalate into other issues if care and sensitivity is not applied. An argument over money and spending may lead to other arguments about other unimportant aspects in the relationship, and soon the couple with be faced with many more relationship problems as they begin to fight about any and everything. Therefore, being mindful of why and how we argue is crucial to maintaining happy and healthy relationships.

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