Monday, May 21, 2012

Movies Capital Unlimited Movie Downloads Review

Nowdays movies can be downloaded via the internet at cable or DSL speed and things are much different than the days you use to go to your local movie rental store and rent VHS videos or DVDs. Sure you can still do this but these days a plethora of other options are available to you. No file sharing software or the risk of getting nasty viruses is another advantage of downloading movies at the Movies Capital Unlimited Movie Downloads website. The other day I was watching the movie internal affairs.

I had a great time watching it not only for the fact that it was a great movie but also because I didnt have to pay for it, I just downloaded it and boom I was watching it within minutes. It is amazing these days that with just an internet connection and high speed cable or DSL someone can download all the movies they can watch without paying monthly fees or rental fees for that matter.

Eight out of ten Americans consider it stealing to walk out of a store with a DVD that they did not pay for. Only half as many people think downloading a movie from the Internet is a crime. The fact is that there is really no difference at all between the two; these are both serious crimes that are punishable by law. If you walk into a video rental store and walk out with a DVD you didnt pay for, most people would consider that stealing. On the same token, most people think downloading movies from the web is a criminal offense as well and they are right in both cases.

If you use a P2P file sharing program to download movies you are downloading them without the others permission and they are the people who own the rights to these movies. If you arent visiting a trusted site like the Movies Capital Unlimited Movie Downloads website you have no way of knowing that the movies you are downloading are fully licensed and this can come back and bite you in the tail later.

Usually if a website tells you that you can download millions of movies for a miniscule one time financial commitment you can be rest assured that all they are doing is selling you peer to peer software which is stealing the movies from other people who have paid for them and that you will be obtaining unauthorized copies of these movies. There is no such thing as the concept of legally downloading and trading files on any of the file sharing networks. We all have the need to chill out and watch our favorite movies every now and then.

Some TV networks are offering the complete episodes of their shows as long as you can deal with watching their commercials. And in the US if you want to wait an extra day you can watch the latest episodes of their shows the day after they air for everyone else to see. Or you can visit the Movies Capital Unlimited Movie Downloads website and they will provide you with updated website lists that you can visit and legally download these movies or even burn them onto a CD and youll only pay a minimum fee without the concern of spyware.

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