Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hot Movies

I actually came up with the name myself. I was in the office trying to create a hotmail account for a swinger ad I was about to place. But I was having problems coming up with a name for the email address. A few of my colleagues at a computer next to me watching a trailer for the not yet released Star Wars prequel the Phantom Minis. You know Honsolo, HungSooLow. I laughed to myself as I typed it in and hit enter. Just like that HungSooLow was born, so to speak.

Description:  I'm a straight, professional white male, 6'3 tall and weigh 215 pounds. I am told that I am very attractive with nice facial features, including a dimpled smile and dark piercing eyes. I have a nice athletic build usually very toned and muscular (unless it's a lazy Month) but always height weight proportionate. I am very clean cut with a professional appearance. I look good in a nice suite or a pair of jeans.

I like to stay well groomed and almost always shave my head bald or wear it super short and neatly tapered.
Location:  I was born and raised in South Florida. In fact I still make my home there.
It's both a racially and ethnically diverse area. It's not at all what you would think the South would be like. There are plenty of people here that are into the Interracial scene. And let's not forget that it is also a Vacation hot spot, so I am never at a loss for willing white Hot Movies.

Dislikes:  Yeah I have a few of those too and I already mentioned at least one or two. I can't stand a Hot Movies who's just too cute to take a hot load in her face, or that acts like she is doing me a favor by giving me some pussy. I also can't stand guys who try to bate you with their Hot Movies. You know, they get you back to their place and try to reach for your meat when the action gets hot, as if now that your dick is hard you won't care who touches it. Assume nothing, put it out there whatever it is you like, then give a guy the chance to say yes or no. I am secure in my sexuality, non-homophobic and believe in to each his or her own.

Just don't try to sucker me into some shit that's NOT going to happen. I also can't stand jealousy. I am not a possession and I can't be bought. Sure I have received nice gifts from ladies and couples who enjoyed my company, intelligent conversation and the sex. It's not a requirement and I never ask for anything, but I'm no fool either, you want to take me to accompany you somewhere or fly me to you or handle my expenses that's fine with me. If you are on the west coast and wanted me to visit never having met you before (too much room for things to go wrong) I would go if you sent me a round trip ticket. If you didn't show all I would have wasted was time.

But, that's another of my dislikes. I simply can't be bought and won't stand for being mistreated in any aspect of like. Liar, fakes, game players and time wasters really suck. Just be real and tell me what you want, if I can't give it to you I will be real and tell you that.


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